Whether it’s because of the rise in the Ease of Doing Business rank, or the recent report by the Asian Development Bank stating that India’s economy is expected to grow in the next 5-6 years, India has become a haven for international investors. Many MNCs are looking forward to entering this booming market to reach a new audience as well as to reap the benefits of the low-risk tide. But what sectors should they keep their eye on?

India is growing at a rapid pace. This means many new startups and businesses enter the fold daily, filling in the pool of various sectors. But the climate doesn’t treat every industry the same way. The Demand and Supply rule gives different results for different sectors. Thus, depending on the market situation, some sectors are better for investment than others. But taking the previous years into account, some sectors have been performing consistently, making them a safe bet for investors stepping into a new environment.

Healthcare and Insurance Sector

The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the third largest in the world in terms of volume. The healthcare sector has huge growth potential due to increasing health awareness, rising income levels, and a growing elderly population. 

Renewable Energy Sector

India is committed to increasing its renewable energy capacity and reducing its dependence on fossil fuels, making this industry a good bet. This could make the renewable energy sector an interesting and high-yielding long-term investment opportunity.

IT Sector

The IT sector has been one of the major drivers of the economy’s growth. With the rise in digitization and technology adoption around the world, this sector is expected to continue to grow exponentially, making it a profitable investment venture. 

Fast-Moving Consumer-Goods Sector (FMCG)

The FMCG sector is an essential part of the Indian economy. Most of the products consumed by the Indian audience comes from the FMCG industry, be it instant noodle or skin care products. With growing urbanisation and changing lifestyles, the demand for FMCG products is expected to increase.

These sectors have shown dependable growth and are a good place to invest funds when expanding the business to India. They will get the company the most recognition, as they are India’s biggest industry, and can earn them a stable revenue.

But the economic climate is unpredictable. Nothing is a surefire way to earn a profit. In-depth research and market know-how can help you minimise the risk, but opting for a flexible strategy that helps you adapt to sudden changes in the economy is important. For that, it’s better to seek advice from an industry expert, like Corporate Leaps. The entry strategy is the key to a long-term existence in the Indian market, and a bit of help in deciding the best plan is always a good idea.