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Corporate Leaps, an India based consultancy enterprise, is specialized in setting up business and providing operational services for domestic and international clients. Our end-to-end services assist you in laying a strong foundation for your company that will eventually evolve into a successful business establishment in India.

Our team comprises of well-qualified and experienced professionals, each proficient with the intricate workings of their respective domains. Our workforce is further strengthened by the established network of diligent partners all across the country. This networking is well-equipped to deliver customized and comprehensive solution to all the clients spread across various industries and institutions.

At Corporate Leaps, we are committed to working with integrity and diligence to turn your Indian operations into a successful venture.

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Mr. N.K. Bhatia, the CEO & Co-Founder of Corporate Leaps, has working experience of more than 30 years with multinational companies established in India. He has also undertaken the responsibility of envisioning the establishment and prosperity of several foreign companies in India.

During his professional tenure, Mr. Bhatia worked with two German multinationals - the Indian subsidiary of Karl Storz GmbH & Co. KG - for 14 years and the Indian joint venture of Dragerwerk AG for 11 years. Both these companies were in their nascent stage when he joined them. Over the years, Mr. Bhatia assisted them in building smart and substantial enterprises of over 100 employees with multi-crore turnovers in India. He designed and implemented functioning environment for the companies, reinforced with audit standards, business models, financial and administrative functions, systems & procedures, MIS to headquarters, team building, IT and Human Resources.

Corporate Leaps combines Mr. Bhatia’s knowledge and experience with a team of talented and self-driven players and industry contacts. Together they serve as the perfect platform to help foreign companies launch their counterparts in India.



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