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Outsourcing Human Resources & Payroll

Foreign companies operating in India have to fulfil HR guidelines that govern employment conditions in the country. You will have to comply with a complex framework of general laws enforced by the central as well as state governments, while also following the industry-specific regulations outlined by Shop and Establishment Act. Your company will also have to be registered under Factories Act before commencing operations.

Outsourcing your HR services provides you access to efficient personnel who have the skills and experiences in the field. You obtain an edge over your competitors by creating an attractive organizational culture. It also allows you flexibility in terms of resources and costs you want to invest for the services.

What can we offer?

Corporate Leaps has a network of highly competent professionals who will assist you through the requisite processes. Apart from this, we can also help you in employment & training processes to ensure that perfectly suited personnel come onboard for each position. Broadly, we provide the following services in this area:

Forming your HR policy

While you will have the liberty of drawing HR policies of your company, a sound framework is essential for the smooth functioning of your business operations. Outsourcing HR management services allows you to manage your workforce efficiently without having to shift your attention away from company’s primary goals and core business functions.

Recruitment Solutions & Services

By understanding your business and organizational culture, our team systematically approaches your recruitment needs. Through meticulous job analysis, we formulate the acceptable job design to attract the right candidate for the right position. Through a well-defined process we enable you to hire employees that align to your company’s ethos.

We also provide post selection services to help the candidates with joining formalities and familiarizing them with the company policies. We recognize the importance of transparency in the HR functions and play an active role in explaining the roles and responsibilities the candidate has to partake in your company.

Training & Development

Continuous training and development is essential for growth of the employees as well as the company. We coordinate with your HR department to identify your training needs and design suitable training programs for the employees. We evaluate the success of training programs once it has been delivered and provide you with a detailed assessment report.

Performance Management

Efficient performance of every individual plays a significant role in the success of a business. A well-defined performance management process ensures that your company develops a highly motivating work environment for your employees. We assist you in defining specific & transparent objectives, key result areas, and conducting reviews. This also helps in understanding employee potential and career planning.

Payroll Administration & Employee Data Management

Many companies, due to administrative/confidentiality reasons, prefer to outsource payroll administration. Corporate Leaps has the facilities as well as platform to undertake these activities on your behalf. We can provide assistance in determining employee compensation, filing state regulated benefits like ESI and provident fund, and carry out all processes related to professional tax as well.



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