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Regulatory, Legal & Secretarial Compliances

Depending upon the type of entity you are establishing, there are a number of compliances you have to adhere to during your operations in India. These compliances are introduced by Government of India, based on Indian Companies Act 2013. These legal frameworks ensure that companies follow standards of operations and intent to bring transparency in the businesses running in India.

What are the compliances required in India?

The Registrar of Companies under Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) as well as Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stipulate statutory forms & returns that companies need to file regularly. Your company has to comply with the rules and regulations provisioned in the Companies Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, the Securities and Exchange Board of India, and various laws that ensure Corporate Governance for good practices in business. Defying which will subject your company to pay heavy penalties and, in some cases, de-registration of your company as well. Below is the broad structure of compliances required in India.

Filings with Ministry of Corporate Affairs

  • Appointment of Auditors
  • Business Commencement Form
  • Registered Office change
  • Director appointment / replacement
  • Changes in MOA/AOA
  • Increase Authorised capital
  • Rights issue
  • Forms: KYC, DPT-3, DSC, DIN
  • Maintenance of Statutory records and registers as Company Law
  • Documentation for AGM, Board Meeting
  • Annual Filing with MCA

Filings with Reserve Bank of India

  • Annual FLAIR (Financial Liabilities and Assets Report)
  • FCGPR for FDI received
  • Handling of compounding, as and when required

What do we have to offer?

Some compliances are simple but some are complex and time consuming. And while, it is the responsibility of the company secretary of your company to take care of all the compliances, if the paid-up capital of your company is less than five crore rupees, you can outsource the secretarial and compliance activities without employing a full-time company secretary.

At Corporate Leaps, we are well-versed with the multi-layered compliances, experienced in timely filing compliance reports and remain aware of the new developments in the regulations implemented by the Government.

In-depth assessment

We carry out thorough analysis of the current status of all the compliances that your company has filed and undertake corrective action for any deficiency found in the existing information. We ensure that your statutory, legal and secretarial compliances are up to date.

Record keeping

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs mandates that a company must file records of minutes of meetings conducted. We maintain these records in acceptable format for hassle-free and timely filing at the end of every financial year.

On-time submission of statutory forms

Your company has to submit numerous statutory forms and returns that you have to file with the Registrar of Companies, MCA. Irrespective of the type of business entity you are operating, with our experience we will facilitate your company to meet the prescribed requirements. We will also assist you in completion and submission of all necessary documents

Reports & certificates

Your company will have to submit an Annual Secretarial Compliance Report as prescribed by the Companies Act. The reports confirm that the practices in the company meet the guidelines, laws and regulations applicable to your business. With our assistance, you will be able to issue the secretarial compliance report and attain secretarial compliance certificate without any hindrance.

Intermittent services

As and when required, we will also help you with issue or transfer of shares inter-company agreements, compliance of different provisions as applicable by Company Law. We also provide guidance for litigations that you may have to attend in the course of your business operation.



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