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Why Us

Foreign companies entering
Indian market

The biggest challenge that companies intending to enter Indian market face is understanding which type of business entity (i.e. subsidiary, branch, representation office, LLP or Private Limited Co.) is best suited for them. Then comes establishing the unit, registration with various authorities like taxation, customs, drug controller, DGS&D etc. Corporate Leap’s expertise, updated knowledge base and focused client services takes care of these areas, making your journey in Indian markets smooth and fruitful.

Companies (foreign & domestic) intending to
outsource support functions

Companies who intend to focus on their core business area but want to have risk free and timely compliances, MIS reports etc. outsource their support functions such as accounting, payroll, taxation, secretarial and human resources. Besides cost advantage, clients are benefitted with the expertise, knowledge base and vast experience of our team.

Assignment based requirements

CLPL also provides services to the clients who have some specific assignment base requirement such as market survey, trademark / copyright registration, competitive information, preparation of business plan etc.

Representation/contact office

Corporate Leaps provides representative services to clients who do not have their office in India but want to participate in tenders etc. We can quote / attend / participate in tenders on your behalf with proper authority letter. Clients who do not wish to establish their operations straightway can use us as their contact office in India after entering into an agreement.

Other services

We are open to franchises and any other project based assignments. If required, we can hire industry experts and co-ordinate entire operations here in India on your behalf.