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Why should I outsource some business processes?

In today’s world of cutthroat competition, to maintain an edge, companies prefer to deploy all the resources and energies on their core business areas. Higher management cannot afford to spend their time on non-core areas (although these are also very important for company’s future) hence it is advisable to entrust the responsibility of these non-core functions to the companies who have the requisite expertise.

How confidentiality of business can be maintained?

One of the core values of Corporate Leaps is to maintain complete confidentiality of records/information of clients’ business. Further, within the team also only concerned members have the access to the information.

Is outsourcing cost effective?

Optimum utilization of resources, continuous process standardization and updating of knowledge makes outsourcing exercise very cost effective. Companies can run support functions with minimal manpower. For example, a company may not have sufficient work for a full time Company Secretary (or any other specialist), there could be delay/obstruction if any of the employees is on leave etc. Outsourcing is the feasible and logical solution in such scenarios.

Is partial outsourcing possible?

Yes, partial outsourcing is possible provided it is for a complete process/activity. For example, in Finance, MIS can be kept in house while other compliances and regulatory services may be outsourced. Partial outsourcing needs better co-ordination between company and the outsource agency.

Does outsourced company match the required communication levels?

Apprehensions about communication/language skills of team members of outsourced company are common and understandable. Communication skills and personality are the important qualities that are kept in mind while preparing qualifying criteria for selecting team members at Corporate Leaps. Still if you have some particular requirement then specially versed members can be employed at per your needs.

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